Birding in Boston

The New England Literary Tour continues around the Common and the Gardens.

First stop, Edgar Allen Poe Square, where a statue of a harried-looking Poe stands. Or strides. His suitcase disgorges a large raven, some books and papers, and a Tell-Tale Heart. The bronze statue was designed by Stefanie Rocknak. Poe is actually buried in Baltimore, where every year on his birthday, “a masked man would leave three red roses and a bottle of cognac on his grave.” My old office in the Institute of Human Virology was conveniently located between Poe’s final resting place and Babe Ruth’s birthplace. Never saw the masked man, but the occasional raven could be spotted flying around.

Less creepy and farther down Charles Street, toward Beacon Hill, is a tribute to children’s author, Robert McCloskey. Low to the ground, is a string of pint-sized bronze ducklings being led through the Garden by mom.

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