A Friend’s Review

“I just finished reading “Shadow Of The Moon” and must say that it was an interesting read.  I had a tough time starting it, likely due to knowing the author and I found I was constantly asking, “Where did that come from?”  You had to have done some quite voluminous research for this one.

That said, the further I got into it, the more I became invested in the story and the characters.  You touched on so many things other than the science – the geography of the area at that time, the dress of the characters, the women’s suffrage movement and the general treatment of women (especially female scientists), the competition of the railway companies, and on, and on.

I read late into the night last night and finished up at the pool today (greatly reducing my time in the water).  As with all good literature, I found my reading pace quickening as I read further into the book, wondering from about 100 pages to go, how will he end it?  What will become of everyone?

…you ended with a wonderful section of author’s notes which I not only found fascinating; but it also piqued my curiosity – I shall be doing some character googling later tonight.”


The Retiring Shore

From a recent NYT piece about my hometown, Old Saybrook: “It’s a place where middle-class people built cottages generations ago and left them to their kids… Now, many of those houses have been winterized. And as people retire, they live in them year-round.” 

Actually, this is true all over the Connecticut shoreline. Former seasonal, cold-water cottages now have been converted to year-round houses. What was once a summer-time vacation home with few amenities is now a McMansion retirement home.

I’m not sure this is progress.