Edward McSweegan is a writer in Rhode Island. His writing credits include numerous non-fiction articles and book reviews. A short story appeared in Science as part of the magazine's millennial essay series, “Visions of the Future.” A medical mystery won First Place in Writer's Digest genre fiction contest and was published in The Year’s Best Writing. Two other mysteries were published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine. Other writing awards include two First Place prizes and the Grand Prize in the Maryland Writers Association’s unpublished book contest. He also wrote a monthly Maryland newspaper column on infectious diseases for six years. As a microbiologist and science writer, he traveled widely in Russia, India, Egypt and Europe, and was posted to U.S. embassies in Swaziland and Colombia. He was named an American Association for the Advancement of Science Diplomacy Fellow, and later, an Embassy Science Fellow in the U.S. State Department. He recently left Robert Gallo’s Global Virus Network, a private foundation in Baltimore.