Shadow of the Moon

Published by Wild Rose Press. Release date: March 1, 2023.

Author Edward McSweegan traverses the genres of Western, historical fiction, and survival romance to deliver a captivating tale that holds your attention from start to finish. Shadow of the Moon is a Western romance drama that sheds light on the lives of some truly revolutionary women who changed the trajectory of astronomical research in the late 1800s in America. The story is set in a time of era-defining cultural change in American history when the wild West frontier way of life slowly ebbed away and gave way to the more progressive values of American society. Many of the characters in this book are actual historical personalities, and McSweegan brings their essence to life in these pages. Readers’ Favorite

A taste of the rough and tumble, gun-toting Old West with a sprinkle of romance create just the right blend of adventure and suspense amid scientific discovery. A highly recommended read! Goodreads

Shadow of the Moon is an engaging novel with nail-biting plot twists and unexpected turns. The writing style and dialogue is hilarious at times and heart-breaking at others. The characters are well drawn-out, their inner struggles relatable despite the gulf separating the readers from the characters in time and space. Historical Fiction Company

The four women from Boston are especially refreshing, depicted as well-respected by all in the book, particularly Cora, who garners Nolan’s attention, and later affection, with her intelligence and bravery rather than just her looks. …the novel will satisfy Western and non-Western fans alike with plenty of high-stakes action and a women-centered focus. Historical Novel Society

Viewing the total solar eclipse, Denver, July 29, 1878

Map of the DRG Railway, showing its connections to the principal towns and mining regions of Colorado and New Mexico. Chicago, 1881. Library of Congress,