Shadow of the Moon

Published by Wild Rose Press. Release date: March 1, 2023.

It’s July 1878, and the West is teeming with astronomers. Among them: Professor Maria Mitchell and five female astronomy students. They’re in Colorado to observe a total solar eclipse. But their chances of seeing it depend on Nolan Carter, a young freight hauler. Nolan takes Mitchell’s telescopes and two colleagues to Denver by wagon. Traveling north, everything goes wrong. He and one of Mitchell’s students are separated from the wagon crew. They ride on alone, encountering murderous drovers, desolate towns, and other hostile denizens. Mitchell finds a train north, but her telescopes and friends are still missing. And overhead, the celestial clock—indifferent to worldly dangers and delays—is ticking down to an unstoppable deadline.

Viewing the total solar eclipse, Denver, July 29, 1878

Map of the DRG Railway, showing its connections to the principal towns and mining regions of Colorado and New Mexico. Chicago, 1881. Library of Congress,