Took the train from Geneva to Berlin. I did somewhat the reverse 30+ years ago going from Munich to Geneva back when the trains were slower and there were dining cars with table clothes and silverware. The wide seats facing each other would fold down to make a bed and the seats could be walled off by a sliding door and curtains. Instant cabin. Now things are mod and digital. Newer is not always better.

Anyway, arrived in Berlin—a city I’ve never visited. I wanted to see all of the usual things: Check Point Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, etc. Plenty of Cold War relics about, including the current Russian Embassy. 

It’s taking a while figuring out the S Bahn and the U Bahn. I don’t speak any German so, following the maps, the train stops, the right ticket to buy is mysterious, but becoming less so. I also managed to download some apps that allow me to rent an electric bike or scooter. I went with the bike first, and wandered through the vast, heavily wooded Berlin park called Tiergarten. 

Teufelsberg: Cold War listening post in western Berlin

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